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US Marines Shooting Anti-Tank "Rockets" at Tanks - AT4 in Action During Live Fire Exercise


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Several videos showing the US Army and US Marines shooting the powerful AT4 "rocket launcher" during live fire exercice at firing range. This video also show M777's 155mm and M119's 105mm howitzer during areal lifting and shooting training exercise. Video at 1:39 show Bulgarian soldiers surpervised by US Marines Shooting AT4 "rocket launcher" at old soviet T-55 tank.

Credit video: Cpl. John Lamb, Lance Cpl. Boston Berg, Sgt. Russell Midori, Lance Cpl. Ryan Young, Staff Sgt. Scott Shoemaker, Gunnery Sgt. Michael Kropiewnicki, Staff Sgt. Scott Shoemaker, Sgt. Bradley Parrish, Cpl. Danial Ghaffari.
Thumbnail credit: Tom Moore, US Army. Modified by Daily Military Defense & Archive. Original picture under Public Domain.

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