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U.S. Army Combat Engineer Training - Sapper Stakes 2015


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U.S. Army Combat Engineer Training - Sapper Stakes 2015

U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard combat engineers came to Fort Chaffee, Ark. to compete in Sapper Stakes 2015. This year, 20 Sapper teams competed to earn the title of the best sapper team. Each team was made up of six Soldiers and a maximum of two alternates, competing in events that tested both their physical and mental prowess. On their first day, Soldiers rowed across a lake, pulled their Zodiac boat out, ran around a point to reinsert the boat and rowed back across. From there, they completed 500 burpies as a team, ran 2.15 miles and finally ruck 4.1 miles. In the afternoon, teams participated in four other events: demolitions inert verifications, requiring Soldiers to prove their knowledge of setting charges; knot tying, which required teams to tie six out of eight possible knots; knowledge verification, requiring Soldiers to work as a team to answer a variety of questions in 30 minutes; and finally a weapons jumble, which required Soldiers to disassemble and reassemble six weapon systems and perform a function check on each. In the evening, teams participated in a unique land navigation course. Teams were required to do 100 pushups and find two points using their daggers, GPS device. Upon finding their points, teams returned and performed 100 more pushups before getting two more points. During the event ,teams had three and a half hours to find a total of eight points and 400 pushups.

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Credit to Calvin Reimold, U.S. Army Reserve Command, 416th Theater Engineer Command.

Video created under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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