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Turret Gunner Gets Launched From Vehicle During SVBIED Attack


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Update from Funker: I have made the decision to re-activate this channel, despite the threats and risk of having YouTube shut us down completely. Major media platforms are have gone too far when it comes to censoring voices outside of the mainstream media, and I have decided to continue reporting on ongoing global events through this outlet.

No future videos will be monetized, and we will do our best to adhere to YouTube's constantly shifting content guidelines and policies. No overly graphic videos will be uploaded, and we will do our best to provide as much insight and context to each video as possible.

If you would like to ask me any questions, or join our veteran community on Twitch, I stream live every mon/tue/wed/fri from 2-7EST at You'll find that most people in chat are veterans, and it's a chill place to hang out for a few hours each day if you feel like connecting with other vets.

Now, onto the video description:

We received a video from our friend Dalton who, after five years, is ready to share his footage of the time he was launched from the gunner’s turret during an SVBIED attack in Afghanistan.

“It was August 24, 2014. We were in Nangarhar headed back to JAF (Jalalabad Airfield) in the second vehicle of the convoy. I was in the gunners seat. The first vehicle passed this three wheel motorcycle that had like a cart on the back which was covered.

As we go to pass he swerves and detonates. From what I was told it was 500 pounds of HME (homemade explosive). All I saw was fire and smoke and believed without a doubt I was about to die as I got ejected from the vehicle.

Then, I land and that’s when the video starts. Took the camera off and was trying to figure out how to turn it off. After I turned it off, medevac helicopters were brought in, I quit pulling security to help carry the terp to the bird, then myself and a couple others flew off on the next (CASEVAC flight).”

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