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This Ugly US Helicopter Drone Will Save Soldiers Lives - Kaman K-MAX UAV in Action


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This video show how the drone version of the Kaman K-Maxwill be able to save soldiers lives. On this video 2 version of the Kaman K-Max helicopter are being shown: The normal and the drone version.

The Kaman K-MAX use intermeshing rotors.

This video also show US Airmen refueling a General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper

Videos credit: Cpl. Elizabeth Gleason , Cpl. Gregory Moore, Sgt. Travis Gershaneck,Cpl. Reba James, Senior Airman Michelle Di Ciolli, Tech. Sgt. Ryan McKee.

Thumbnail credit: Cpl. Isaac Lamberth, modified by Daily Military Defense & Archive.

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