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The LARGEST RC HELICOPTER in the US Military KMAX Unmanned Helicopter


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The KMAX Unmanned Military Transport Helicopter has to be the largest RC Helicopter in the US Military.
For the past decade coalition forces have been faced with the danger of close combat and improvised explosive devices. These dangers make ground travel and re-supply missions difficult and risky for troops on the ground. In an effort to reduce the risks the Marine Corps has enlisted the assistance of the K-Max helicopter, an unmanned aircraft system or U-A-S.

Video Description Credit: Cpl. Elizabeth Gleason Edited by ArmedForcesUpdate

Video Credits: Sgt. Justin Boling, Cpl. Gregory Moore, Sgt. Travis Gershaneck, Cpl. Reba James and Lance Cpl. Hannah Carlson

Thumbnail Credit: Screen shot from video Modified by ArmedForcesUpdate

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