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Testing The New Monstrously Powerful AC-130 Variants During Impressive Live Fire Exercise


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Video showing several versions of the US AC-130 (the AC-130U Spooky ,AC-130W Stinger II ) in action during live fire exercise as part of the Emerald Warrior 2016 annual exercise in Hurlburt Field (Florida). In this videos the AC-130's shoot their GAU-12 Equalizer 25mm (for the AC-130U) cannons, 30 mm Bushmaster cannons (for the W version), Bofors 40 mm autocannons, 105 mm M102 cannon.

This video also show AH-64D in action shooting it's powerful M230 30mm cannon.

Videos credit: Airman 1st Class Joshua Hoskins, Airman 1st Class Natalie Plas, Staff Sgt. Thomas Smith, A1C James Merriman, Airman 1st Class Jacob AlbersSmall.

Thumbnail credit: , Thumbnail modified by Daily Military Defense & Archive.

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