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TERRORIST KILLER Swedish military track fire gun system


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The Swedish military Track Fire RWS will be a great system for the Swedish and will be a good weapon to be used on terrorists if it is ever deployed to Iraq. Military Soldiers today face a constantly evolving battlefield and must react instantly to the demands of every situation. Saab offers critical solutions, capable of responding to the threat – whatever form it may take.

The Trackfire Remote Weapon Station (RWS)
is based on over 40 years of developing
stabilised electro-optic platforms for the
land and naval arenas. The user benefits
from a next-generation, lightweight, fully
stabilised and remotely operated weapon and
sensor system which provides cutting edge
performance in both of these domains. The
Trackfire RWS is designed for use on all types
of military platforms, including vehicles,
vessels and static emplacements.
Flexibility is key to the success of the
Trackfire RWS. Compact and modular, it
has the capabilities to be integrated into a
wide range of platforms. Adaptable to every
situation, the system has the ability to be
tailored to meet the particular needs of each
mission. A building block design philosophy
ensures that Trackfire RWS can be configured
and deployed to meet any threat – whatever
the conditions.

Optional enhancements are wide-ranging
and include the following:
•  Video Tracker Module (VTM)
•  Smoke Grenade Launchers (SGL)
•  Integrated laser trainer
•  Coaxial weapon mounting (including
Non-Lethal Effects)

  Dual command
•  Integration with a Defensive Aids Suite
•  Appliqué armour
•  Laser designator
•  Specialised Electro-Optics (EO)

Trackfire RWS provides exceptional
capabilities across the full operational
spectrum and enhances force multiplication
through reliability, superior hit performance
and modular enhancement. The Trackfire
RWS consists of the following components:
Human Machine Interface (HMI):
Consisting of the Fire Control Panel (FCP),
Control Handle (CH) and display, the
HMI is simple to operate, ergonomic and
multi-functional. The menu structure has
maintained a flat hierarchy to ensure that the
operator can retain a visual perspective of
the HMI display whilst having access to all
primary functionality of the system.
Weapon: Includes a wide range of small,
medium and heavy machine guns as
well as automatic grenade launchers and
Non-Lethal Effects (NLE) which can be
mounted simultaneously.
Sensor Module (SM): Allows for a
wide range of day and night fire control
capabilities to be integrated. The SM can
also be configured with a wash/wipe system

Ease of Integration
The Trackfire RWS has been developed with a
focus on complete system integration with a
wide range of platforms and equipment. As
a lightweight, self-contained weapon station
with a low centre of gravity, the Trackfire RWS
can be mounted on different interfaces,
thereby reducing system height and
increasing overall survivability. Integration
risk and platform modifications are kept to
a minimum and the system has little or no
effect on the platform’s overall performance.

Functional Description
The Trackfire RWS has been developed with
the user in mind; all primary functionality is
ergonomically laid out to the operator, ensuring
that the Surveillance and Target Acquisition
(STA) process is near-instantaneous without
the operator having to break visual contact
with the display. Dual command enables
shared capabilities, shorter response times
and reduced sensor-to-shooter cycles. Fully
prepared for integration into other platform
systems, target data can be passed both
within the platform and to and from other
C4I systems.

The Trackfire RWS is one of the most
accurate systems on the market, facilitating
reduced ammunition usage and peace of
mind with regard to collateral damage. The
VTM can reduce the engagement sequence
by as much as 50 percent and the hit point
can be adjusted so that selected areas of a

target can be engaged with pinpoint accuracy.
The slew to cue and state-of-the-art automatic
search and track functionality, combined
with the unrivalled slewing speed of the
Trackfire RWS, shorten the sensor-to-shooter
cycle and provide the necessary force in the
shortest possible time.

For maximum crew protection, all Trackfire
RWS operations can be performed from
below armour or deck, including ammunition
Feed From Below Armour (FFBA). A low
ammunition warning can be coupled with
a fire inhibit signal to ensure that a new belt
of ammunition can be linked to the existing
belt. To overcome the loss of situational
awareness incurred by removing the gunner
from the platform hatch, sensor imagery
from the Trackfire RWS can be distributed
via a Local Area Network (LAN) and
displayed where required inside the platform.

Integrated Survivability
Careful system design has created a highly
survivable system with a low profile,

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