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Sniper Barely Hits Lucky US Soldier


Tak! del det med dine venner!


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Funker Actual is live from 2-7 EST today at Feel free to stop by and join our veteran community on Twitch. This soldier who survived the attack in the video sent us the following information, with a good sense of humor regarding the experience:

We were testing some weapons we found in a cache to hand over to the ABP. We were in our COP in Barg-e Matal and we had been drawing sniper fire throughout the past few days. The blue tarps were set up in an effort to combat the sniper. (hide position and get a better gage of position)

The weapon I tossed was unloaded and cleared by the NCO. I would trust that NCO with my life in the worst possible scenario. Others that know him could attest to this. He cleared the weapon.

After I had tossed the weapon he asked me to reach for it as he had realized that the magazine was broken. As I reached for it, I squatted down and tried to cover myself with the surrounding sand bags and tarp, grabbing the weapon.

As I reached for the weapon the sniper took a shot at my position. The officer who had yelled boom was toying with me as he had been the whole day. Just miss timing.

The sound being heard was the round impacting the wall. I suffered a graze. Nothing serious.

Im not too thrilled that this got out, but I’m going to embrace my 15 minutes of fame. I must admit, i thought it would come in a different way.

Heres some general info.
Rank: SPC
MOS: 13F
Unit: No giving exact regiment, but somewhere in 10MTN
Fat: Yes. What FISTER isn’t?

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