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MILLIONS OF $$$ worth of Aircraft put to Work in US Air Force Training Exercise


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A great video mix of the US Air Force A-10 Aircraft in action during Military Training exercise.

By watching this video you will see real aircraft flying but most importantly this video is watched by real people just like you ArmedForcesUpdate & Warleaks dose not use fake views or likes to make our self's look popular as some other channels out there.

Video Description Credit: ArmedForcesUpdate

Video credits: Staff Sgt. Ashley Manz, Master Sgt. Eric Miller, William Lewis and Tech. Sgt. Rachel Barton Derivative Works ArmedForcesUpdate

Video Thumbnail Credit: Gordon Tarpley. Video Thumbnail can be found at: This Video Thumbnail licence is under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license the licence can be found here: This Video Thumbnail has modifications made by ArmedForcesUpdate

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