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Fundraising For Our Deployed Troops Live Stream


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Join our Twitch community at - to donate to! 3$ Drop Secondary - 5$ Drop Primary -10$ Drop Helmet - 15$ Weapon Challenge - 20$ Control Funker - 50$ TK

Our website -

Most asked questions:

Q: Why did you stop uploading to YouTube?
A: YouTube decided that they no longer wanted any combat footage on YouTube, and threatened to shut our channel down completely if we continued. The threats were issued through continuous strikes on our channel, and even killing our 2nd channel on the day that it reached 100,000 subscribers, making it clear that we shouldn't try again.

Q: What are you doing now?
A: We run to continue reporting and broadcasting combat footage from around the world. Our combat veteran staff provide insight and opinions on the footage and try to provide as much context as possible in written form.

Q:Why a Gaming Community?
A: There are a huge number of veteran gamers, and it is our goal to bring the community together and provide a network and support system for veteran streamers, or just players. Our discord has been an excellent outlet for veterans to connect through gaming, and our Twitch channel allows me to communicate and connect directly with my followers on a more personal level. Gaming is also the safest way for us to continue using our YouTube channel to reach veterans and communicate with our community with a low risk of being shut down and silenced.

Gaming also goes hand in hand with live streaming, and live streams are an excellent way to raise money for charity and support specific projects immediately.

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