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AC-130 and A-10 Taking Break After AirStrike on ISIS Bomb Vehicle - KC-135 Air Refueling


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/!\ This video may contain violent content, viewer discretion is advised. Read the entire description please.
First part of the video show an A-10 or AC-130 Strafing Runs on ISIS (Also know as daesh / daech) VBIED (allegedly a BMP-1 filled with explosive) in the area of Shadaddi.

Second part of the video show B-1 bomber, A-10, AC-130, F-16 and a Boeing E-3 Sentry refueled by KC-135 over Iraq.

Video credit: Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve, Staff Sgt. Michelle Di Ciolli,.

Thumbnail credit: Tech. Sgt. Lee Schading, modified by Daily Military Defense & Archive.

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