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“Short Round” Mortar Fail In Afghanistan


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February 2020 Update from Funker: If you're looking for a veteran community to hang out with or ask Funker any questions, we stream Escape From Tarkov live Mon-Fri 1-6EST at After a few years of disabling Funker530 on YouTube due to community guideline strikes and threats of being shutdown, I have decided to re-activate this channel instead of leaving it dormant. New footage will be uploaded every Friday moving forward. Daily military news and combat footage can always be found at
A video from Paktika, Afghanistan shows infantry mortarmen firing 60mm high explosive rounds in handheld configuration during a steady rainfall.

For whatever reason, possibly the rain fouling the charges or the tube being too wet, a “short round” occurs that only lands a few meters in front of the mortar team. As per standard operating procedure, they rapidly vacate the area to a safe distance in case the round detonates, before returning to deal with the UXO.

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