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OFF ROAD CV90 Military vehicle for Infantry great idea for US Military


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The Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90; Sw. Stridsfordon 90, Strf90) is a family of Swedish tracked combat vehicles designed by FMV, Hägglunds (BAE Systems Hägglunds) and Bofors during the mid-1980s and early 1990s and entered service in Sweden in the mid-90s. The CV90 platform design has continuously evolved in steps from Mk0 to current MkIV with advances in technology and in response to changing battlefield requirements. The Swedish version of the main infantry fighting vehicle is fitted with a turret from Bofors that is equipped with a 40 mm autocannon. Export versions are fitted with BAE Systems Hägglunds E-series turret with 30 mm and 35 mm autocannons. Developed specifically for the Nordic sub-arctic climate, the vehicle has very good mobility in snow and wetlands while carrying and supporting eight and six fully equipped dismount soldiers. Other variants include Forward Observation, Command and control, Anti-air, Armoured Recovery, Electronic Warfare and so forth. The CV90 and Hägglunds E-series turrets has been under continuous development with more than 4 million hours invested and are still produced with modern protection, armament and network enabled solutions. Currently 1280 vehicles in 15 variants are in service with 7 user nations, 4 members of NATO under BAE Systems Hägglunds AB.

Various customer requirements have led to several variants of the CV90, where major differences are in survivability and electronic architecture. Higher protection has led to higher kerb weight; the vehicle's combat weight has risen from 23 to 35 tonnes. However, with increasingly more powerful diesel engines, the power-to-weight ratio has remained approximately the same. The track suspension system has seen upgrades in several stages. The Mk III version has a digital electronic architecture with several different CAN-buses and digital networks, and is the first IFV incorporating an automatic Defensive Aid Suite (DAS), which classifies threats and, in automatic mode, can fire smoke and/or the main gun to eliminate or evade targets as well as instruct the driver. At the Eurosatory 2010 exhibition, a version called Armadillo[3] was presented. The Armadillo shown was an Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) version. The basic chassis can be readily converted to ambulance, control vehicle or other turreted versions.

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