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Iran Military WORST NIGHTMARE for US Military NEW Missile and Tank Technology


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Iran Military shows off new tanks and missiles that could prove to be the worst nightmare for the US Military. Tehran kicked off the mass production of a main battle tank called Karrar at a ceremony attended by Iran’s defense minister. The tank appears to have a design similar to Russia’s T-90MS.

Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan praised Iran’s new tank at the Sunday event, the Iranian media reported.

“The tank can compete with the most advanced tanks in the world in the three main areas of power, precision and mobility, as well as maintenance and durability in the battleground,” the minister said, as cited by Fars news agency.

Dehqan said the Karrar has advanced features like an electro-optical fire control system, a laser rangefinder, and a ballistic computer. It can also fire guided missiles.

The tank, first announced by Tehran in February of last year, has been touted as being as good as Russia’s T-90 MBT.

“The defense industry designed and built the battle tank from scratch. If not better, it’s still as deadly as the Russian T-90,” Dehqan said at the time.

The announcement came months after Iran suspended talks with Moscow on buying main battle tanks from Russia. Tehran said it was not interested in the deal unless technology sharing was included.

When the first images of the Iranian tank were made public in August of 2016, military experts said its design looks strikingly similar to that of the T-90MS, the export variant of Russia’s tank.
Description Credit: Russia Today

Iran has unveiled its most advanced indigenous tank of amphibious mobility for induction into the country's armored assets, local news agencies report.

Karrar (Striker), as the vehicle has been named, was unveiled on Sunday in a ceremony attended by Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan who also inaugurated the tank's mass production line in the city of Dorud in Lorestan province.

Dehqan said Karrar, which has been three years in the making, is among the most advanced tanks in the world because of its remarkable features.

Its firepower and precision, mobility, and battleground endurance, he said, are comparable to the most state-of-the art of its kind in the world.

Among the tank’s features, Dehqan enumerated its electro-optical fire control system, laser-aided distance measurement capability, and the capability to strike either moving or fixed targets in both nighttime and daytime.
The tank’s missile power has been boosted with ballistics computer, laser-guided targeting, and the potential for both the gunner and military commander to aim the projectiles from two parallel gunsights fitted onto the vehicle.
“Updating armored equipment is one of the most essential strategies applied by the Defense Ministry in the area of ground warfare,” the Iranian defense chief asserted.

Description Credit: Press TV

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